Patel Engg Co.

  • Pre fabricated structure for eot spaning 30 mtrs. 
  • Prefabricated shuttering gantry of arch concreting of tunnel at koyna hydro electric projects stage 4 and 4b
  • Prefabricated gantry for reinforcement steel mobilisation and fixing.
  • Prefabricated gantry for grouting activity
  • Prefabricated shuttering gantry for side and invert of hrt tunnel for khep 4 and 4b
  • prefabricated liner plates for junction of old and new hrt.
  • 0.5 m3 and 2 m3 concreting buckets and 6m3 mucking buckets
  • Rotating platform, used in tunnels for rotating dumpers and concrete cars as they cannot travel in reverse for long distances.

Soma Enterprises Ltd.

  • Prefabricated gantries (hydraulicallyoperated) for overt concreting of hrt. ( 3 nos)
  • Similar gantries for invert concreting ( manually operated)
  • Reinforcement steel and grouting gantries same as for Patel Engg.
  • M.S. lining of river sluice at koyna dam
  • Supporting structure for connecting bridge
  • Erection of crusher plant
  • Fabrication and erection of mixer plant with bins fabrication
  • Design, fabrication and erection of ice plant structure having production cap of 5 ton ice flakes per hr and storage cap of 100 ton of ice
  • Pneumatically operated 5 m3 capacity concrete bucket.( 12 nos)
  • Fabrication of crane booms

Besix Dabhol S.A

  • Fabrication of sheds / godowns for cement storage, sand storage, metal storage and general stores and workshop sheds
  • Fabrication of moulds for precst girders
  • Fabrication of gratings for jetty structure.
  • Fabrication of elevating platform connecting land and jetty in initial stages
  • HDG railings for jetty
  • Prefabricated builtup sections as per british standards for inserts in pre cast girders
  • Repairs of deck for barges / cargo movers

Punj Lloyd Ltd

  • Fabrication of admin bldg shed, workshop shed( 4 nos), stores and labour quarters shed along with bunk beds
  • Starter angles for lng storage terminals.

Bechtel Inc

  • Prefabricated structure as per drgs.
  • Underground route markers
  • Lock out cabinets
  • Inlet bleed heat pipe guides.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd

  • Prefabricated structure for sodal plant.
  • Prefabricated structure for bridge connecting 2 plants
  • Loading bay structures
  • 15 kl tanks
  • Prefabricated self standing platform at 34mtr elv surronding the spray nozzle tower.
  • S.S. batch pots.
  • Belt conveyors with s.s structures, guards and polycarbonate roofs.
  • Ductings for boilers/ blowers and air preheaters.
  • Roof sheeting and repairs work.
  • Silo for dolmite

Sandvik Asia Ltd. (Annual contract)

  • Furnace guide pipes (40 nos every month)
  • Zinc lifters (70 nos every month)
  • Tote bins
  • Sieve rings