Cuplock System

Cuplock System is one of the most efficient supporting system. This system is compatible to cuplock system & offers the same function. It provides simplicity & versatility with simple erection & dismantling procedures. It is also used for various applications like construction, ship building, maintenance, offshoure etc.


Verticals are also known as standard, made from highest quality steel tubes with a set of top & bottom cups arranged at a distance of 500m.m. The forged blade ends of the horizontal (ledgers) are placed into the bottom cup & the top cup is moved down and rortated to secure the components in place, and tightened by a hammer blow. Verticals are available in different lengths from O.5 mtr. to 3.0mtr. Verticals are connected by spigots or sockets.


Horizontals are also known as ledger and they are fitted to the vertical to make a proper scaffold. They are available in different lengths as per the customers requirement. Horizontal Lenght is calculated between centre to center two verticals

Intermediate Transom

It gives additional support to the structure by fitting them at different levels horizontally from one ledger to another. Sizes available are same of the ledgers. They enhance the load baring capacity of the system.

Horizontal Omega Support

Are used in place of ledger & provide a firm location for timber or Steel Planks to fit in scaffold at different levels to make walkway / working platform. By using this, use fo clams or any other fastening device is avoided.

Hop-Up Brackets

Hop-Up Brackets are smaller versions of cantilever frames. They are generally used for awkward areas beyond the main scaffolding. These brackets are available with omega support as well.