Scaffolding & Form Work Systems & Fittings

Electro Galvanised & Dip-Panted

Model No. Outer Tube (mm) Inner Tube  Height of use (mm) Safe Axial Load in Kgs.
Min. Max. Close Extended
BS_1 1500 2000 2000 3200 2950 2200
BS_2 2000 2000 2000 3750 2875 2000
BS_3 2000 2500 2500 4250 2475 1500
BS_4 2000 3000 3000 4700 2275 11501

Angle Head Prop

Beam Head Prop

U Head Prop

Flat Base Prop

Adjustable Steel Spans

Adjustable Steel Spans consist of an outer & an inner in which the inner is slided into the outer sideways to vary the length. Spans have a high load baring capacity and is most commonly used for slab support, as they are vary economic and excessively us user friendly. They are designed in such a manner that any inner can be used with any outer to acquire desired length.

ESO/SEI 1839 2700 32
SO/ESI 2390 3450 36
SO/SI 2400 4270 41
SO/LI 3036 4750 47
LO/SI 3200 4850 48
LO/LI 3200 5550 56

H-Frames & Ladders

H frames are basically tailor made items available in different sizes to suit customer requirements. These frames are connected with bracing made out of angles pipes as required. Ladders also can be connected as shown above.


Verticals are also known as standard, made from highest quality steel tubes with a set of top & bottom cups arranged at a distance of 500m.m. The forged blade ends of the horizontal (ledgers) are placed into the bottom cup & the top cup is moved down and rortated to secure the components in place, and tightened by a hammer blow. Verticals are available in different lengths from O.5 mtr. to 3.0mtr. Verticals are connected by spigots or sockets.


Horizontals are also known as ledger and they are fitted to the vertical to make a proper scaffold. They are available in different lengths as per the customers requirement. Horizontal Lenght is calculated between centre to center two verticals

Intermediate Transom

It gives additional support to the structure by fitting them at different levels horizontally from one ledger to another. Sizes available are same of the ledgers. They enhance the load baring capacity of the system.

Horizontal Omega Support

Are used in place of ledger & provide a firm location for timber or Steel Planks to fit in scaffold at different levels to make walkway / working platform. By using this, use fo clams or any other fastening device is avoided.

Hop-Up Brackets

Hop-Up Brackets are smaller versions of cantilever frames. They are generally used for awkward areas beyond the main scaffolding. These brackets are available with omega support as well.

Decking System

Decking System is latest & most friendly system ideally suited for construction of reinforced concrete suspended slabs, with plywood shuttering, and incorporates the benefits of early striking. Notching o plywood over the drop heads is eliminated, and standard sizes of plywood can be used.

Decking Beams

Decking Beams also known as primary beam are designed with a vary wide top flange thereby reducing maintenance costs by increasing the life span of plywood. They are available in all the standard sizes same as ledgers.

Infill Beam

Infill Beam are also known as secondary beam which are used to provide the transom support underneath the plywood. They have a wide top which gives more support for the plywood. They are available in all the standard sizes same as ledgers.

Drop Head

The most important part of shuttering is the drop head. Made with an extra-strong steel wedge, the dropheads allow the beams, infills and panels to be lowered at a hammers stroke. The wedge is specially constructed to endure repeated strokes of the hammer.

Anti Skid Platform / Walkway Planks

Plain Platform / Walkway Planks

Gratings/ Walkway Planks / Plaster Phally.

Adjustable Jack

Fixed Base Plate

Universal Jack

Base Jack

U Head / Stir-Up Head

Circular Form Work

Slotted Wall Forms

External Slotted Corner Angle

Floor Forms

Steel Soldiers

Jack Nut

Prop Nut Heavy

Propnut With Handle

Mini- Prop Nut 50 mm

Stirup Nut 32mn

Top Cup

Bottom Cup

Ledger Blade

Tie Rod

Wing Nut

U-Head 100x100x75x5mm

Prop Barrel

Base Plate ( 150x150x5 )

Single Clamp

Cube Mould

Panel Wedge

Wedge & Clip

Flip Lock Pin

Stirup Nut (36mm)


Stirup (36mm)

Gogo Clamp

Rapid Clamps

Swivel Coupler (Sheet Metal)

Swivel Coupler(Forged)

Swivel Coupler Light (Sheet Metal)

Fixed Coupler (Forged)

Fixed Coupler (Sheet Metal)

Fixed Coupler Light (Sheet Metal)

Girder Coupler (to be used in pairs)

Roofing Coupler

Putlog Coupler

Staircase Coupler

Fencing Coupler

Toe Board Bracket

Joint Pin

Sleeve COupler