Casting & Foundry Machineries

Sand Muller

ESSKAY sand muller is available in various models from Capacity 75 to 1000 Kgs, design for mixing of heterogeneous mass of two or more dry or wet materials into homogeneous uniformly blended and bonded product. The rollers are spring loaded to adjust the mulling pressure.The ploughs are provided to turn again the mulled material.
Automatic Charging, Automatic Cycle Control can be made to accommodate with extra facilities.

Intensive Mixer

ESSKAY Mixer is specially designed for mixing foundry core sands and similar materials. Discharge door is provided to take out mixed material outside.This is advanced design for big and small foundry. The breakers are also provided on the drum side to brake hetergeneous mass.
Co2 Sand & No-Bake Mixers are also available.

Drum Type Siever

ESSKAY drum type sand siever is intensively used in large and medium type foundry The drum is wrapped with required M.S. Mesh. The sand is charged on one side of machine and from opposite side waste sand is collected. The sieved sand is collected below the machine.
CAPACITY : 8-10 Ton/Hour., 2 H.P.

Tumbling Barrel

ESSKAY Tumbling Barrel is driven through V-Belts so jerks are avoided. Two perforated plates are provided on two inside portion of drum. The shaft is made hollow so dust extracting system can be easily fitted. The different sizes of Tumbling Barrels are available.
CAPACITY : 3'* X4'L.3*X5'L.
POWER : 7.5 H.P. 10 H.P.

Tilting Ladle

ESSKAY Tilting Ladles are manufactured for C.I. and Steel Foundry. The worm reduction Gearbox is provided for Tilting. The ladle can turn through one full revolution. The tilting ladles are manufactured from 200 Kg. to 10 Ton capacity. Bottom pouring. S.G. Iron, Bull Ladles, Drum Type Ladles are also available in different capacities.

Sand Blast

ESSKAY Sand Blast is much more useful to clean casting surface. The valves inner part and nozzles, are hardened to increase life. At the time of refilling sand upper spring loaded valve will opened manually.
CAPACITY : 200 Kg.-400 Kg.

Snagging Grinders

ESSKAY Snagging Grinder is designed rigidly.High Speed Grinders for Resin Bonded Wheel required for Steel Foundries are also available.
CAPACITY : 12", 16", 18", 24", H.P.-3, 5, 7.5, 10.

Electrical Core Oven

ESSKAY air heaters are provided on two inside portion of Oven. The Fan Motor is mounted at Top. The air is circulated in air heaters and heated air enters the oven at bottom space. The six compartments are made which are adjustable. So various sizes of cores can be accommodated. The oven is completely insulated from all sides by Glass-Wool. The doors are sealed. The inside temperature is directly indicated by digital indicator on Top of Oven. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled to any range.
SIZES : Inside - 3'X3'X3', 4.25'X3'X4.25', 5.25'X3.5'X5.25'
POWER : 9 KW, 12 KW, 18 KW, 30 KW.

Centrifugal Liner Set

This is most popular design for large production of centrifugal liner. The main dies are driven through V-Belt. The motor is mounted on one side of all dies. The coating of shell is made in sleeve in which C.F. liner is prepared. This sleeve is inserted in the main Die and rotated. The front cover is placed in front of sleeve and simple clamping Mechanism is made. Now the molten metal is poured in the sleeve. When process is complete, take out clamping bolts and sleeve, clear the sleeve and get the C.F.liner By this method with good quality of liner is obtained.

Portable Siever

ESSKAY Portable Siever is much more suitable for small foundry & it can be easily moved at any corner of foundry. The pan is suspended on four springs and vibrated with unbalance weight. The motor is mounted at bottom on rigid frame.The pan is designed so.that sieved on one side and unsieved sand goes on other, so no possibility of mixing of sieved and unsieved sand.
CAPACITY : 3 Ton per hour.

Moulding Machine

Now a days this is becoming favourite in small and large foundries due to flexibility in shifting to any place. The machine is in three parts.The very simple model is Hand Operated Moulding M/c It is then modified to HydroPneumatic Moulding M/c. Hydro-Pneumatic Moulding Machines are first developed for small and medium foundries with minimum maintenance to increase the efficiency. In this case ramming is manual.
Model : 6", 8", 10"
MOULDING BOX SIZE : 14"x14" TO 24"X32".

Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine

The Moulding Machine is of rugged construction designed for service foundry condition made from S.G.Iron and high grade castings, machined on precision machines, accurately bored, ground to close tolerances for smooth movement of various operations and low air consumption.

Four Station Automatic Shell Moulding Machine

Esskay has made the revolutionary change in shell moulding production. Four station automatic shell moulding machine is designed precisely and constructed for the huge production of moulds. The machine consists of square rotary table, & one match plate on each side of the square. The rotation consists of fast speed and slow speed with brake system controlled by limit switches. In the four station, the sub stations are: investment, preheating, after heating and ejection. One operator is required to operate the machine. The bucket elevator is installed on one side of the machine in which sand is elevated to the top hopper for sieving. Below the top siever hopper is mounted, with pneumatically operated butter-fly valve.
All machine controls are brought to the control panel. The noise signals are provided for investment station and for baking.

Sample Jobs : Bajaj Scooter
Block.Size of the Plate : 350 mm x 610
mmProduction rate (Approx.) : 450 pairs or 900 Pieces.
Kw required for preheating : 12 Kw.
Kw required for preheating : 18 kw
Total H.P. Required : 3.5
H.P.Cycle Timing : One pair/min.
Total Area : 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 mtr.