Heavy Steel Structural Works

Bishan Steel Industries has carved a reputation as Steel Infrastructure & Engineering solutions Company having expertised in design, fabrication, erection & installation of Heavy Architectural & Engineering Steel Structures like Artiums, Domes, Skylight Roofing, Pipe Structurs, Trellis, Facades, Highrise Structural Platforms, Industrial Steel Sheds, Trestles & Trusses, Tunnel Shuttering, etc.

Pre-fabricated Steel Structure of 265 Tones for Industrial Plant

Steel Structure for Capsule Lift During Erection

Capsule Lift after Completion

Permanent Steel Column of 1.1mtr.Dia X 72 mtr. Height. Weighing 100 Tons.

Specially Designed Trestle & Truss Weighting 850 Tons Fabricated & Erected at Site To Support Slab For 18th Floor Onwards

Specially Shuttering System For mass Concreting of Dams, etc.

5 meter Cube Concrete Bucket With Pneumatically Operated Door

Overt Shuttering For Tunnel during Mockup in Factory

Overt Shuttering For Tunnel Erected at Site

Horse Shoe Shape Motorized / Hydraulic Operated Tunnel Shuttering

Facades & Roofing System

Specially Designed Formwork System for Suspended Slabs of any heights